Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Are the items authentic? Why do some items not have tags?
A: In Asia, during the check-out process in stores, it is a common procedure for baristas to remove the tags.
No tags do not mean they are unauthentic.
Often, pre-released items are not tagged as well.

Q: Why do some of the items vary so much in price?
A: Not all items are sourced at retail, especially items from older releases which are harder to find and had lesser quantities.
Some items are also on consignment basis, with the prices set by their owners.

Q: There are other cheaper sellers, can you price match?
A: Every seller has different cost points, you are welcome to shop elsewhere.

Q: I made a mistake in my order, can I return or exchange?
A: Unfortunately, we do not accept any returns or exchanges.

Q: I would like to cancel my order.
A: Unfortunately, ALL ORDERS are FINAL once submitted.
It doesn't matter what the reason is for cancellation, because there are fees to every transaction. If you insist on cancelling, the cancellation fee of $20 USD will be levied on you.

Q: Why was my order cancelled?
A: We do not like cancelling either. However, we reserve the right to cancel if we suspect fradulent activities associated with your account.


Q: Is my payment secure? Why isn’t Paypal accepted?
A: While Paypal is widely used internationally, there are also other payment providers who offer better rates and service plans for users.


Q: Where are the items being shipped from?
A: Most of the items are sourced from Asia, hence they will be shipped from Asian countries, such as China, Philippines, Singapore and Thailand to name a few.

Q: What shipping service is provided?
A: All prices are inclusive of shipping via the local postal carriers which are the most cost-efficient. Express services may be requested at additional costs.

Q: How long does delivery take?
A: Items are shipped within a week from order and postal services usually take an average of 2-3 weeks to deliver. However, there are instances that it takes more than 1 month to clear customs. If you want a more secured delivery, please choose the expedited shipping option.

Q: Is insurance included in the prices?
A: Postal carriers provide a basic limited liabity should the items be damaged during transit. Addtional insurance premium may be purchased at your request. Do note that all customs fees are to be borne by the customers.

Q: The tracking number doesn't show any results.
A: Please use tracking websites such as Aftership and 17track.

Q: My item came damaged, what should I do?
A: So sorry to hear that. All items are packed well but sometimes the unfortunate does happen during transit.

Here are the steps if you suspect the item was damaged en-route:

1) BEFORE you open the outer packaging, (in most cases the shipping box) it must show signs of damage in order for claims with the respective couriers.

2) Take photos and videos of your unboxing process.

3) Contact BOTH the shipping provider (eg. USPS) and us so that reports can be filed on both ends.

This page will be updated as we go along. Contact us if you have other burning questions.