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Blind Bling Box - Round 3

Blind Bling Box - Round 3

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  • Some cups may not have tags because they were removed during the initial purchase at the stores.
  • While all attention has been given to ensure that the products are defect-free, it is possible that some shelf-wear surface marks may be present. 

  • In the unfortunate event that the item arrives damaged, please send us the UNBOXING VIDEO. Photos alone are not accepted.

Round 3 - Grande 16oz + Venti 24oz + Mini Bling Keychain

Round 3 has unreleased keychains and grande.
Some keychains do not have boxes.

The Blind Bling Box is a chance for you to get a new unreleased cup or hard-to-find (HTF) studded at a lower than market value.

Unreleased cups can be prototype cups or upcoming cups which tend to go for higher than retail prices.

HTF cups can be Taiwan black bling, OG matte bubblegum, Indonesia Valentine etc which have higher demand and lower supply.

*Important: Not all options will be HTF. 

Each option represents 1 venti + 1 grande + 1 keychain, valued between $129 to $400. The cups and keychain may not be matching sets.

Will your box contain a "stud" or a "dud"?!

This is your chance to try your luck!


All cups are BRAND NEW, but some may not have tags and some may have small visible manufacturing defects.

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