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Preorder Starbucks Thailand Exclusive Gradient Stanley 40oz

Preorder Starbucks Thailand Exclusive Gradient Stanley 40oz

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  • Some cups may not have tags because they were removed during the initial purchase at the stores.
  • While all attention has been given to ensure that the products are defect-free, it is possible that some shelf-wear surface marks may be present. 

  • In the unfortunate event that the item arrives damaged, please send us the UNBOXING VIDEO. Photos alone are not accepted.

A Starbucks Thailand exclusive to be released online on 5 May only.

Price includes express shipping.

You can choose to pay off the 3 parts according to your schedule, and must be completely paid off before 5 May.

Please plan and budget accordingly to minimise any processing fees. 

Prices tend to rise after the release date so do preorder early.

Please read the FAQ if you are new.

  • Any request to cancel will be subject to cancellation charges of $20.
  • Failure to complete the payment plan before the release date may result in the loss of the initial deposit.
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